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and so we go again.

and so we go again.

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I spent a short weekend in Singapore, catching up with best friends, re-acquainting myself with old ones, realising again how much I love some people, and why.

I was not looking forward to going back, knowing that such a short trip would drain me of energy I already lacked. Been very sick recently, falling ill once a month, somehow developing shingles, with layered, ridged nails..but at the airport, just seeing him at the crack of dawn, i am instantly happier--so much happier. I realise with a full clarity how much I love him and why I do. L.The feelings I have when I am with him are real and undeniable, as much as i pereversely forget or chose to forget.

I've not written here in years, my life becoming increasingly unreflective. But meeting up with Y for the first time in a couple of years, he asks if i still write--and then i remembered that i actually used to. So i thought i'd try again. I'm beginning to realise that writing kept me sane.

I love it here in Beijing--everything about it. This visit home this time around however showed mehow wonderful it is to be surrounded by people who've known you and loved you forever, even when loving yourself was hardest.

I will make the best of my wonderful opportunity here. Look forward, not back.
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