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Today, the temperature climbed its way up and ventured into positive territory for the first time in months! and went up to as high as 11 degrees c. I walked outside dressed in single shirt. Blue skies and brilliant sunlight. Lying on the grass in Central Park with a book (on China's social inequalities, in Chinese!) and a berry milkshake, I was gloriously happy.

Attended a colleauge's housewarming, with lots of food, which was really nice. Chatted with a few people who I really like. Realising with more acute clarity that time has passed us by--12-year old children calling me Auntie S!

Then rushed to a (second) home cooked dinner with R and co. He made coq de vin and a yummy date and banana/walnut milkshake, his girlfriend made prawns, and his french roomate Amade a yumy walnut/hazelnut cake with hot melted chocolate! and fresh goat's cheese and another kind of cheese I cannot pronounce, flown in directly from france, courtesy of A's sister who's visiting. dinner conversation a mix of english, chinese and french. how lovely!

surrounded by people who inspire me to be better in so many ways.
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